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Thank you for taking interest in MyHill-ALS.


Please understand that we are a non-profit, still loosely organized, depending on volunteers that come and go. MyHill ALD does not have steady funds yet to sustain the salary of a full time Admin Assistant, much less an ALS teacher. It was a volunteer ALS teacher who initiated this project and is still currently running it.


Makati DepEd ALS Division is a very progressive Schools Division Office (SDO) of DepEd.  We have been coordinating with them for years and MyHill is one of the fruits of this collaborative planning. We are espousing home-based, independent learning on a full online learning modality so geographical distance won't really be a problem. Except for the ALS Accreditation and Equivalency exam, where the Completers will have to physically take the pen & paper test in DepEd's designated testing locations.

MyHill's online learning approach for the ALS Curriculum is supported by the Makati DepEd ALS Division.  It is the first time for them to support this type of initiative back in 2016. Since we are not a government nor public school but a private organization that wishes to find solutions in promoting ALS, Makati DepEd ALS Division welcomed our project with much positivity.


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